1. A Club with a culture that represents our Marist values of respect, devotion, loyalty, togetherness and inclusiveness.

2. A Club with a Unique Selling Proposition of being “A Rugby Club, but more than a Rugby Club... a Club that builds good men and women - not just talented rugby players, and a Club that evolves from being a Rugby Club to becoming a respected Social Enterprise.

3. A Club with a core rugby environment built around excellence... through [a] Excellence in our planning, preparation, training and conditioning, [b] Excellence in the coaching and development of rugby skills, [c] Excellence in our playing style and game-day execution, [d] Excellence in our attitude, behaviour and conduct, and [e] Excellence in our respect for the sport, officials, opposition and governing bodies.

4. A Club that establishes clearly defined social, environmental, economic and cultural purpose for our Catholic community and the Tamaki district we operate in by being a Club that adopts leading edge principles around inclusiveness, diversity and gender neutrality.

5. A Club supported by a strong, well-functioning Marist Alumni that is a group of former players, coaches, managers, sponsors and members who support the Club, and support each other financially, commercially and spiritually.

6. A Club with trusted, respected relationships with our key stakeholders – the Catholic community, the Marist Rugby Charitable Trust, the Marist Alumni, the Auckland Rugby Union, our sponsors, our staff, our members and our local community in the Tamaki district.

7. A Club that will play an integral role in the Tamaki Regeneration Project and create a modern functional sports and wellness facility we are proud to call "Our Home".

8. A Club that will drive thought leadership amidst the rapidly changing face of grassroots rugby across New Zealand.

9. A Club that will leverage our competitive advantages through our school network and our NZ Marist community to make us a formidable rugby presence in Auckland.

10. A Club with the most powerful Junior Rugby Club across Auckland city with an aim to owning every young player (and their parents) playing rugby at a Catholic primary, intermediate and secondary school that includes:

              - Dedicated rugby development programs,

              - Inter-school and inter-district tournaments, and

              - Parent coaching and volunteer programs.

11. We build a long-term “farm system of players, coaches and managers from the seven [7] Catholic boys and two [2] Catholic girls schools in Auckland, plus the 2-3 local secondary schools in the Tamaki area. We leverage our expertise to become active partners in the promotion and success of the rugby program of each school so that Auckland Marist becomes the “Club of Choice” for player, coaching and management talent who match our values.

12. A Club in strong financial health from diverse revenue streams including the Marist Rugby Charitable Trust, our Alumni Group, and through long-term sponsorship agreements with corporate New Zealand who align with our purpose of being a leading social enterprise in the Tamaki district.​​​​