The Auckland Marist Alumni is an initiative we started in February 2020.

We want to re-connect every current and former player, coach, manager, member, and supporter back to our Club.

Our Alumni will be more than a traditional "Old Boys" group.

Our Alumni will be a well-organised, a coherent, and harmonious group of men and women.

Our Alumni members will support each other and will find ways to support the Club too.    

We want to give young members the same Marist experience that many former players and members had.

It is our time to give back

Our time to take the Club forward.

We would love to hear from you.

We would love you to connect with us.

We would love you to attend our monthly "Food for Thought" get-togethers. 

We gather to support each other and learn more about our Club and the sport we love.

Register here: chairman@aucklandmarist.co.nz