The Alumni Launch...

A special focus of the Club this year is to build an effective Marist Alumni Group that will bring together all our past and present members.  This will be more than just an "old boys" group who get together and tell yarns about the old days.  Instead, it will become a cohesive, well-connected network of men and women who support the Club and support each other.

A highlight of the launch was having some of our past All Blacks and past Black Ferns in attendance.  Chairman Richard Patterson and President Mark Sumich shared their plans for the Club and their Vision for how this Alumni will work.  With the registered Alumni members we will form a proper database and directory of everyone's contact details, areas of expertise and employment information. 

In addition to supporting the Club, the Alumni members will engage with other Alumni members to function together, do business together and support each other. That is what a cohesive Alumni does and with 112 years of history, it is time we formed our own.

Aside from meeting informally to watch rugby at the Marist Club, the aim is for the Alumni to meet monthly at venues around central Auckland.  In addition to special, marquee Club events, the plan is to host a "Food for Thought" series where we will invite a member of the Club to speak, or an outside guest to talk on a matter of particular interest to our Club, Marist Rugby or rugby in New Zealand.  These will be enjoyable occasions with good dialogue and a great exchange of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. 

Registration to the Alumni is free and there is no restriction as to who can belong. You can be a current player, member or supporter in the same way as you can be a former player, member or supporter.  A special focus has been on connecting with members of the Club from the 1980s - 1990s.  The days when the Club was functioning with plenty of teams, was winning competitions and was recognised as the leading Rugby Club in Auckland.  We need to find these people, reconnect and re-establish that Marist spirit again. Thank you to the 100+ men and women who have registered so far. We all know there are thousands still out there to track down!!

Going forward can you please assist us in one of the following 2 things:

  1. If you know the contact details of someone we should connect with, then please email them to
  2. Alternatively, have them contact the Club directly at

We are going to build something hugely effective and we want everyone to be part of it.